Kitchen Remodel



Sometimes the kitchen of your dreams is right under your nose. This early 1950’s kitchen was last remodeled in the 1970’s. Can you tell?!?! However, if you look past the dated floors and dark cabinetry, you see that the layout is actually very inviting. 

So, what did we do?

Structurally, there were two changes made: Change #1 – originally, the oven was part of the island directly in front of the sink. We felt this was a bit crowded, so we relocated the oven and microwave to the left of the refrigerator; Change #2 – with such a big kitchen and island, we felt a second sink was very practical. So, we added a vegetable sink and faucet to offer more function and flow to this dynamic kitchen. 

After the two structural changes were made, the project consisted of: stripping/painting the cabinets; painting the walls and ceiling; shelf-paper in exposed cabinets; laminate flooring; granite countertops (Bellagio Granite); mosaic-tile backsplash; new lighting, sinks, and faucets; and new appliances.

This project blew us away and proved that no matter how “old” or “dated” your kitchen is, it still has a life waiting for you to discover.